Hokkaido Kamuiwakka Reisui Mineral Water, manufactured and sold by Japan Mineral Co., Ltd.

Kamuiwakka ReisuiKamuiwakka Reisui

Suggested Retail Price
Kamuiwakka Reisui
¥170(tax included)
¥340(tax included)
* We are also able to provide 350mL, 500mL, and 2L sizes through OEM production.

The world’s finest quality mineral waterThe special attributes of Kamuiwakka Reisui water

Kamuiwakka Reisui water is natural spring water said to be the water of the gods (literally “kamuiwakka”).

Snow from the large snowy gorge of Mt. Yotei, also called Ezo Fuji, became underground water, and after many years, finally gushed out into the Izumi, Makkari area.
Over these many years, Mt. Yotei, in a sense a natural large-scale factory, added a perfect balance of minerals to the water, creating the world’s finest quality mineral water.

Reisui water is delicious natural mineral water preserved for life through bottling techniques that further polish the purity of the spring water here.

Kamuiwakka Reisui ? List of Components within the Water

    • ・Energy, Protein, Fat, Sugars…0
    • ・pH value…7.3
    • ・Hardness…19mg/l
    • ・Calcium…5.1mg/l
    • ・Magnesium…1.5mg/l
    • ・Sodium…7.0mg/l
    • ・Potassium…1.5mg/l

* Please be cautious of lookalike long-lasting drinking water products.
Our long-lasting drinking water has currently been confirmed drinkable for up to 13 years thanks to the fact that we use pure spring (natural spring) water that is naturally asceptic, and thanks to our special bottling methods. Starting 8 years ago, up to this day, we have allowed the water quality of the water we produced in the year 2000 to be analyzed by public authorities, and this water has passed all drinking water standards. 13 years have passed since this water was produced, but the water is still drinkable to this day. Many other similar competitors’ products have neither had the number of years passed since production checked, or had their water quality analyzed by public authorities, so we hope that you please take care to be cautious of lookalike products.

The special attributes of
our delicious water

Water itself naturally has no taste or smell.
The reason why water has a taste is not because the water you drink is pure H2O, but because it contains minerals, etc. Natural mineral water actually contains over 500 different substances, including bedrock minerals, moss and algae microbes, and much more.

In addition, there are two kinds of water, soft and hard, which are categorized based on mineral content (calcium, sodium, potassium, etc.). The hardness of water is one of the main factors that decide the water’s taste.

The definition of delicious water is as follows based on the findings of a study conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s “Research Society for Delicious Water”.

Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s
“Research Society for Delicious Water” study findings:

  • ・Residues after Evaporation (Minerals): 30 - 200mg/l
  • ・Hardness: 10 - 100mg/l
  • ・Free Carbonates: 3 - 30mg/l
  • ・Consumed Potassium Permanganate: 3 or less.
  • ・Odor Intensity Index: 3 or less
  • ・Residual Chlorine: 0.4mg/l or less
  • ・Water Temperature: Max of 20°C or less

Kamuiwakka Reisui meets all of the above conditions.

One reason Kamuiwakka Reisui is chosen by our customers: “Worry-free Quality”

Toyako SummitToyako Summit
Toyako Summit
Kamuiwakka Reisui was the only Hokkaido natural mineral water provided to G8 leaders during the 2008 Toyako Summit.
Test results that prove the worry-free safety of our waterTest results that prove the worry-free safety of our water
Test results that prove the worry-free safety of our water
Kamuiwakka Reisui has received test results proving the worry-free safety of the water.
The worry-safety of the water is achieved because the water is naturally perfectly aseptic when it springs up from the ground. Our bottling production line is specifically designed to manage quality, achieving long-term drinkable water which can be used as water stored in case of emergency.
As water stored for emergenciesAs water stored for emergencies
As water stored for emergencies
Kawuiwakka Reisui water is shrink-wrapped up to the cap for usability as emergency water, meaning it can be safely stored long-term.

Flow from production to shipment
(introduction of production process)

Our Kamuiwakka Reisui water is produced using green, environmentally-friendly automated processes from water procurement up to bottling, allowing us to provide the deliciousness of Hokkaido water directly to our customers.

We pasteurize spring water obtained directly from the source, after which the water is cooled once again.
Water is passed through an infrared disinfecting device in order to get rid of any bacteria.
Our PET bottles are cleaned using a high-temperature steam jet stream of water before being supplied for bottling.
The PET bottles are filled with spring water to their maximum and sealed with a capping machine.
The expiration date is then imprinted.
The exterior of the bottles and caps are inspected to check for any damage.
A shrink-wrap label and cap are then fixed on to the bottle.
A shrink-wrap machine shrink-wraps the label and cap on to the bottle.
The bottles are then packed into cardboard boxes and wrapped.
Finally, the boxes are fixed into pallets for shipment and sent to our customers.
After procuring water from the natural springs at the base of Mt. Yohei and passing this water through an infrared disinfecting device, the water is then pasteurized at 80℃ and once again cooled down. The water is then bottled into PET bottles cleaned using high-temp pressurized steam and then sealed using a capping machine. Next, the bottles are imprinted with expiration dates, inspected for exterior damage by eye, and then attached with a label that is shrink-wrapped on to the bottle. These bottles are finally packaged into cardboard boxes, wrapped, stored in storage facilities and sent directly to customers when ordered.

Kamuiwakka Reisui water is useful in these types of situations!

“Have you stored water in case of any emergencies?”

It is stated in the Tokyo Area Regulation on Measures to Handle Difficulties in Returning Home during Emergencies that each home should keep a 3 day supply of water, 3 liters for each per person per day.
A typical Japanese household has an average of 4 members. Six 500ml bottles come to a total of 3 liters. 6 bottles X 4 people is 24 bottles total. This comes to exactly one case of 500ml bottles per day, so each family should keep 3 cases stored.

“This safe and delicious water is suitable for many different uses!”

As everyday drinking water :
Enjoy this water when you want a refreshing drink unlike tap water that smells like chlorine.
With delicious ice cubes:
Perfect for drinking with juices and alcohols.
Mixed with whiskey and Shochu liquors:
The quintessential mineral water perfect for mixing with alcohol.
For cooking and rice making:
Delicious foods and rice require delicious water.
To make your infant's milk:
Use this safe water when making infant milk products for your children.
To make Japanese teas, coffee, and black teas:
Safe water is especially important when making Japanese green tea, coffee, or black teas as you drink these everyday.
As an emergency water supply:
To use as water safe to store long-term in case of emergencies.

Makkari, the hometown of Reisui

Kamuiwakka ReisuiKamuiwakka Reisui

The origins of the name Makkari come from the name for Mt. Yohei, also referred to as Ezo-Fuji, in the traditional Ainu language of Hokkaido, “Makkari Nupuri”, which means “the beautiful mountain surrounded by a river”.

The true symbol of Makkari can only be said to be its magnificent and beautiful Mt. Yohei. There are a number of various natural springs located on Mt. Yohei at a height of about 250-260m.

In particular, there are 7 springs located around the mountain base area spanning from Makkari to Niseko, all of which are made up of underground water that has passed through the fragmented rock layer of Mt. Yohei to then spring up past the boundary created by andesitic rocks at the ground level.

  • Reisui water procurement spring site
  • Reisui water procurement spring site
  • Reisui water procurement spring site

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Company Overview

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Japan Mineral Co., Ltd.

and CEO:
Toru Nagasawa
July 16th, 1961.
Manufacturer and seller of mineral water, as well as preserved foods, pickled foods, and more.
78 Izumi, Makkari, Abuta District, Hokkaido, Japan 048-1602
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Kamuiwakka ReisuiKamuiwakka Reisui

Hokkaido Kamuiwakka Reisui
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Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
Kamuiwakka  Reisui
500ml ¥170(tax included)
2L  ¥340(tax included)

500ml ¥249(tax included)
2L  ¥454(tax included)

500ml ¥340(tax included)
2L ¥567(tax included)
* We are also able to provide 350mL, 500mL, and 2L sizes through OEM production.

Kamuiwakka ReisuiKamuiwakka Reisui